Velbet UNderground Closing! Last Party announcement : DJ Lazarus , PVC Nightmares, Chained Screams, Torn Flesh, Tickle Fetish

To the Toronto Goth Community :


With the announcement of the closure of the velvet undergond club after over 20 years of supporting and fostering the traditional gothic community of toronto, I have taken it upon myself to organize a final gothic party to celebrate the resolve, strength and magick that has enveloped the gothic community since Sanctuary closed.

In conjunction with and , I (DJ Lazarus) have put together one of the best gothic lineups ever seen in toronto in the last few years:

PVC Nightmares


Chained SCreams



Torn Flesh



And lastly :

Tickle Fetish




I will be playing everybody’s favourites! Stay tuned for more annoucnemtns

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Update : Synthpop still going forward (lol shutup Craig)



Hey all!

I wanted to send you all an update regarding the synthpop go the wordl festival. We hit a few speed bumps along the way (lol shut up craig!) but I think we are close to finalizing the lineup so that we can start announcing all the acts and activities / games / goth themed food / sleeping tent arrangements in the next coming weeks.

Craig! Seriously! LOL stop ragging on me , dude!

Anyways, I thought i’D SEND this update because a lot of people have been ICQing me over the last few weeks and coming up to me during my DJ set at the Velvet Dunderground on Sundays and Machine mondays and Mix tape tuesdays and asking me about more details.


CRAIG! lOL! you’re fucked dude! Shut up!

Anyways, Please stay tuend for more information as it comes in! I’m SO excited! This is going to change the landscape of toronto’s music scene forever!


DJ Lambert Plumbing Incorporated

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Accepting poetry submissions for synthpam goes the word (Sub festival)

336_Gothic Tears_Jackie


DJ Lamberus here! Your’re favourite Velvet underground sensations at your service *bows slowly like dracula in the movie “dracula”*

I’m accepting submissions for our poetry sub festival at synthpop goes the world next June 2002. Please send your submissions to I will be reviewing them with a panel of goth poetry experts and we will be selecting the best poems to be featured on the goth slam stage.

Themes we are looking for :


  • Eating your own skin
  • Having a slight british accent even though no heritage exists to that extent
  • Pain
  • Tears
  • Eating your own skin
  • Forever and eternity themed sadness
  • Eating other various body parts
  • A generalized confusion about anyone not in goth culture


I look forward to drinking some absynth and reading through the submissions!


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Synthpop goes the world : announcement party



Thanks all to those who came out to the announcement party at Velvet Underground! The funnest part was when they announced first call for last call. I thought, hey thats gotta be the last time they say that! Then they said “second call for last call”. Almost blew my fucking mind.

Then, if you can believe it, they actually said “third call for last call” !!!

Stay tuned for more pre-synthpop goes the world events and lineup announcements!

– Dj Lazapup

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